So much in my mind. Thoughts spinning like luggage on a carousel. I reach to grab a thought but it passes me by. Inside each piece of luggage there is so much thinking to unpack. I hesitate. I reach again but the luggage is too heavy. Can all the luggage on the airport carousel be mine. Where do I start?

I stand alone – lonely. I think the airport is closed and there’s not a trolley for my thoughts. They continue to spin like luggage on a carousel. The fluorescent light beats down encouraging that epileptic feeling. Round and round they go.

Do I wait here until I die? What do I do? I’m filled to the brim with emptiness and longing. The longing bubbles out. The longing slushes like manky sea broth around my ankles. My toes are so cold. I feel nailed into the sadness. There’s no where to go, no where to sit. My blood, seeks her freedom as she seeps from the place of the hard cool nails.