A copy of my post written today over at Bluemilk

July 11, 2010

I hope I’m not too preachy but I’m a firm believer that we don’t need to lower our expectations or standards just change them. Our society is obsessed with measuring everything and so it is difficult to step aside from measuring ourselves up against every manner of thing and ensuring we fit under the canopy of the bell-shaped curve of normality (a place where we think we’re safe for a while until the wheels fall off – and they do). I’ve gained glimpses of freedom by dancing out on the margins with other like-minded people. Just changing my standards not lowering them and giving myself a good slap when I start measuring myself up against others. I’ve realised if I measure up better or higher, I don’t really feel that good about it and if I measure up less I also don’t feel good about it – and when others are measuring me up or down – I don’t like it. So to hell with engaging with measuring and bring on acceptance of others and myself and enjoy the precious moments before they’re all gone. I really enjoy Bluemilk’s blog!


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