A balmy evening as ‘Australia Day’ ends

January 26, 2010

I feel so privileged to live in this country – I just wanted to write this. I know the country is not perfect and yes I do believe that my privilege has been on the backs of the original inhabitants of this land. How do Aboriginal people, in any country, celebrate the day that marks the beginning of their culture being stolen? Perhaps it is the beginning of genocide. I remember when I learned the meaning of the word genocide. I think I was 16 years old and the ramifications of naming the horrifying unspeakable meaning of the word set me quivering.

So I made two Pavlovas today. Normally I do nothing to ‘celebrate’ the day and kind of mourn the day away with a sense of deep despair for history. We were invited to friends today, for a bbq, and asked to bring Pavlova.

We had a lovely time, sometimes in passionate argument. The best part of arguing has to be the passion, don’t you think? And … silence is collusion, so I reaffirm my intention to always speak out. May Australia always allow us to do this with ease …


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