And November draws to a close ..

November 29, 2009

This evening Gabriella and Finn put up the Christmas tree. They did this while I swam at Balmoral in the salty water that seemed extra buoyant and silky smooth. The tree looks a bit hotpotch and lopsided with strands of beads tangled and clumpy instead of even and uniform. What do I expect from a 5 year old and 8 year old?

Mum and Dad visited today and I’m enjoying my life immensely. I seem to have learned the art of interpeting the phenomena and experience of my life in ways that are endearing to me and make me smile.

From the florist I bought bright orange gerbras and bright yellow sunflowers and placed them together, long-stemmed in a glass vase. They are exquisite and bring me lots of joy – they are symbols of the untold varied beauty of our amazing uncontrollable world!


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